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Friday, November 04, 2005

PO-PO, Dan Harder case [FP]

Originally Forest Park gave three reasons for discipling police sergeant Dan Harder.

1. He called another officer a "fucking idiot".
2. Taking excessive sick leave.
3. Lying about his whereabouts while taking a sick day.

Quickly the sick leave reason was called into question when the village was forced to admit most of the leave was a pre-approved medical leave package.

Yesterday, the Police and Fire Commission held a hearing on Harder's case. Harder's attorney presented an "Incident Investigation Report" Lt. Steve Knack wrote on Harder.

Here are some of the choice excerpts:
Describe how the incident occurred: Slipped while masterbaiting [sic] in trailer washroom
Nature of injury: Bruised ego
Body part affected: Mr. Happy
Were there any witnesses? Thank God no!
What acts, failures to act, adn/or conditions led up to this Incident [sic]? He's a fuckin idiot
Are there fundamental rasons for the existence of these acts and/or conditions? Pregnant wife/lack of sex
Date: October 13, 2003

So Knack can call Harder "a fuckin idiot" but when Harder calls an officer "a fuckin idiot" it's grounds for discipline?

Forest Park needs to settle with Harder and stop wasting money on fighting a losing fight.

Mayor Calderone, if you waste a bunch of money on legal bills on this, I will hold you responsible.


  • Dan Harder is the most crooked cruel man that has ever worked at the police department and I believe they are doing the right thing for the village and for all the public by stripping that poor excuse of a human being of his power, because that is all he has and all he uses to cover up investigations in the department. I praise the chief of police for having the guts to can that scumbag

    By Blogger Tracy, at 11:05 PM, November 11, 2005  

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