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Friday, January 09, 2009

Sun-Times pulling plug on Proviso Herald

Chicago Public Radio (Ammad Omar) reports that the Proviso Herald will cease to exist as of January 15. The Sun-Times Media Group is cutting costs.

h/t Capitol Fax Blog (Mike Murray)

My opinion is that Forest Park Review does a better job with the stories it does cover, but the Proviso Herald is more comprehensive. It aspires to be the paper of record for the local communities. Forest Park Review focuses on Forest Park.

Riverside/Brookfield Landmark (like Forest Park Review, owned by Wedneday Journal, Inc.) is also good, but while Brookfield is half in Proviso Township, the Landmark doesn't cover Proviso issues normally.

The other print outlets (Suburban Life, West Suburban Journal, Neighbors and the various village propaganda outlets) sometimes write a good story, but they have shown no ability or inclination to fill the void that will be created by the demise of the Proviso Herald.

Democracy needs effective journalism to work. And losing Proviso Herald is a big blow. (Remember, Proviso also lost "Viewpoints From the Other Side" when Arnie Bryant died.)

Ideas for what comes next in Proviso journalism?

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