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Proviso Probe

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mark Pera taking questions online Saturday 1:00 PM

Mark Pera, president of the board of education, Lyons Township High School, is running for Congress against Dan Lipinski in the Democratic Primary. The district includes southern Proviso Township, including Brookfield, La Grange Park, North Riverside, and the southern portions of Forest Park and Westchester. There may be a third candidate.

On Saturday, September 8, at 1 PM, Pera will take questions from people around the country, and around the world, on Fire Dog Lake.

h/t EricV (Prairie State Blue) for reminding me to post this.

What would you ask Pera?

I would ask something like,
Mr. Pera, your wife is a consultant who is working to privatize the UK health care system. You've stated that the best health care system is more public than the U.S. system and more private than the UK system. In your mind what are the problems with the U.S. health care system? What needs to be fixed?

[UPDATE: Fire Dog Lake discussion with Pera.]

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