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Friday, September 07, 2007

Dem committeemen endorse Eugene Moore for re-election

Sun-Times (Abdon M. Pallasch):
Ald. Ed Smith took an odd approach in his attempt to oust incumbent Eugene Moore as Cook County recorder of deeds. Smith left town to represent Chicago at a National League of Cities event, leaving a surrogate to argue his case to the committeemen. They endorsed Moore for re-election.

No candidate got the nod for State's Attorney.


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  • Yarbrough has shown and proven once again that she is not what she says she is, but is just a bitter women trying to take what she wants beacause "she's Karen".
    What has Karen Yarbrough done for anyone or anything?? Has she improved our community?What has she done for Maywood?
    The lady is a charltan.A joke.A hypocrite.A racist.A rumormonger and a gossiper.
    The only one Karen Yarbrough anwsers too is to the white guys running her!She is after the school districts to put Danny Cogliniese,Mike Manzo and Anthony Bruno in charge!She wants the township to put Frank Pasqulli and Mary Herrell and Ben Mazzulla in charge!She wants Maywood to allow Gary Woll and Larry Shapiro to be in charge, while her Father buys all the property and continues being a slum landlord and has her husband insurance handle all claims!
    She got rid of the lazy Charlie Flowers by luckly winning his election and proceeded to hire all her hacks to work at the regional superintendent's office.She lost all the school board elections,when everyone thought it would be a slam dunk for Yarbrough and her slates, she double crossed them by cutting the deal with Melrose Park to let her control Maywood, and they would control the schools!She then writes a letter soliciting the committmen for support to oust Gene Moore from the recorder's office , then backs out and let's Ed Smith run, who then dropped out of the race.Don't you think she cut some sort of deal??She did'nt even ask her so called "Proviso democratic party members".
    Karen Yarbrough has lost all credibility and has shown that she can't be trusted!She has let down so maNY people and has let down her organization,which is made up of 90% ex- Gene Moore allies.These ex-Gene Moore supporters have been disapointed by her previous actions,(such as supporting Charlie Flowers,theresa Kelly,Gary Woll,Ben Mazzulla,Mary Herrell,Frank Pasqaule,Anotny Bruno,Mike Manzo and Danny Cogliniese).
    Now no one of the ex-gene Moore people trust her or will support her in her next bid.She can continue working with Flowers,Kelly,Pasqzulle,Mazzulla,Herrell,Bruno,Manzo and Cogliniese ,but we will no longer support this lying hypocrite.She's a black Mary Herrell!

    By Anonymous ex-yarbrough supporter, at 7:53 PM, September 09, 2007  

  • who in christ sakes is this "ex-yarbrough supporter"? must be a disgruntled former employee or somebody she would't endorse. i doubt if this person ever supported Karen. Call her if you want but who cares what ax you have to grind with her?

    yarbrough is here to stay. we support her- sorry you lost favor and didn't get what you wanted. what did you want? she doesn't "do" girls.

    Carl clean up the comments

    By Anonymous yarbrough supporter forever, at 7:20 PM, September 10, 2007  

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