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Sunday, September 09, 2007

David Fagus, 49th Ward, Committeman reports on Cook County Dem endorsements

David Fagus is the Democratic Committeeman for the 49th Ward. He keeps a blog named, Welcome to the 49th Ward. The 49th Ward includes East Rogers Park. The Alderman is Joe Moore. And Cook County Clerk David Orr is from the 49th.

Fagus (Welcome to the 49th Ward) gives a list of all the endorsements.

Fagus also characterized the process as more inclusive than in the past.
For the past two days, Sept. 6 & 7, the Cook County Democratic Party met to endorse candidates for the 2008 Democratic primary elections. It was truly a breath of fresh air. New Chairman Joseph Berrios promised that as our new Chairman he would open up the process. I was skeptical to be honest, but Chairman Berrios delivered on his promise. I am proud of him and his leadership. For the first time in all of the time I have been a committeeman all 80 committeemen were part of the process of selecting the candidates that will represent the party.

Much of the work of the Central Committee is done is sub-committees. In the past the sub-committees were hand picked and as a result a small number of people had tremendous influence over who would be nominated. This time each committeeman was allowed to be on any sub-committee they chose and for the first time I was able to sit on the committee that made the recommendations to the full body. I don’t think you will find a committeeman who wouldn’t agree that things have changed significantly at the Central Committee of the Cook County Democratic Party. You may find a few who are not happy with the change, but the vast majority would tell you it is better.

In addition to being a committeeman, Fagus is an administrator in the Cook County health care system, IIRC.

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