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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Proviso Insider attacks Tommy Miller

Proviso Insider posted a letter supposedly from Mike Jones attacking District 88 (Bellwood and Stone Park elementary schools) board president Tommy Miller and D88 employee (and Stone Park trustee) Joe Burdi for misspending District 88 funds.

Has Proviso Insider been "born again" as an advocate of good government?

Or did Miller help Stone Park village president Bennie Mazzulla get some action that the Moore-Welch faction wanted? Are the attacks on Miller and Burdi part of a squabble within the coalition that won in April?

IMO comparing James Graham to Joe Burdi is completely inappropriate. Graham is a professional engineer, who was drawing attention to waste at District 88, especially wasteful contracts to politically connected vendors. Burdi's resume was highlighted by having vague duties at International Bank, an institution that had both Ron Serpico and Anthony Bruno on its advisory board, and driving trucks in the Army. (If you click to the advisory board you can see an extra hand on the far right hand of the table. That's Bruno's hand. The photo was digitally altered after Bruno became too controversial to have on the board.)

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  • Little is still being done about the current criminal element that still & has always ran the whole shop...I only worked at Dist 88 for 6 weeks...not even enough time to get any of my programs approved..Never have I stolen anything from our children.

    Tommie Miller denied every proposal that I created. What's funny is that all the current programs are similiar to mine, except that they are no bid contracts. They simply took my Powerpoint presentation to Dr. Mack and put it into action. But no one ever said he could read or spell...He earned a Ready to Eat Civil Rights Era Social promotion Missippissi Master Degree

    I don't play ball with kickbacks so it was not effective to use me to accomplish the same thing at a cheaper cost to taxpayers...

    I have yet to see proper posting of contract work in any public newspaper from this outfit.

    But why is Bennie Mazzulla's second landscape company performing work for Dist 88?

    Never has or can one person control me, my reputation as a loose cannon can dictate that, so I could never ever be compared as one's flunky. This is why I am not in position, because of my integrity , not lack of.

    The Feds shall take care of this impeding issue in about three more years. Mr. Welch cannot continue to throw rocks and hide behind the shit pile he has helped to construct.

    Burdi & Baptiste will try to possibly justify this as emergency work to eliminate the need for a bidding process. To pay the remainder above the state law mandate limit, a change order will be execueted or buried in a new posted contract.

    To the new Superintendent of Dist 88 dont sign a thing, because ya might get caught up. Don't let da money make a fool out of you.

    James Graham Sr.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:09 PM, August 07, 2007  

  • Why is Stone Park involved? What proof do we have against Mazzulla and Burdi?What about Martinez?

    By Anonymous JG, at 8:27 PM, August 07, 2007  

  • What's going on Nyberg? Why do you think Chris Welch, the Insider, is turning on his frat brother Tommy Miller? Is this another smoke screen by Welch since the feds is on his ass?

    By Anonymous what is going on?, at 10:13 PM, August 07, 2007  

  • The misuse of money doesn't stop there. I called the head office to ask to talk with the someone about problems at registration (the new Grant principal didn't know anything about any of the questions parents had for her and she kept sending us to her assistants for the answers) and someone at the head office said that the superintendent and all the principals were not around and because they were staying at the Oakbrook Hyatt Hotel for the next three days because of training.

    What kind of training has to be done while staying overnight at a hotel for probably well over $200 a night. Not to mention you multiply that by about 6 people for 3 days? Isn't Oakbrook driving distance from Melrose Park or Bellwood? It seems that they could have done their "training" at school and not stay at a hotel. They should have spent the money on the kids!!!!

    By Blogger juan_lima, at 10:12 AM, August 10, 2007  

  • I worked for Memorial Park District and had plenty of contact with Ben Mazulla and Joe Burdi. Mazulla is prejudice against hispanics but hides it well. He and Park distict trustee Sartores daughter sat in front of me putting the hispanics down, calling them out. Sartores older daughter is married to a hispanic. The prejudice came out of the sister and Mazzula that was above and beyond what anyone could believe. I got along with all of them but was an outsider. One day Mazulla claimed all the people in our gym at Sharps was nothing but scum and gangbangers. I informed the scummy Mazulla he was wrong. I informed my boss Mari Herrell the next day. She had the nerve to ask me if I let him know I was hispanic. I let her know I never in my life hid that fact. Sam Sei and Joe Burdi tried to tell me to get over it. I was over reacting. Sam Sei Chief of Memorial Park District and Joe Burdi a special dectective. LOL I was not getting over it. Mayor Natalie and Joe Burdi then hired me to work for Stone Park. (BIGBIGMISTAKE) I lost over a dollar an hour in salary but the promise of higher wages got to me. I was a single parent of 2 kids. I had to give Joe Burdi hand jobs and blow jobs for this wonderful job I was gonna get. Guess What???????? At the time of raise I got a whopping 5 cent an hour raise. I was forced to work at no pay at the taste of Stone Park, and there I litterally pushed Joe Burdi on his but and let him know that he lied to me on the claim that he controled the Villages money, and I told him it is clear he does not have the control he claims to have. Mind you at that time he and Mayor Natalie were doing all they could to discredit Mazulla. Guess when your partner in crime goes to jail, you pick a new one. And Ben you really do not want to let your wife know what you were doing at the park district when you were there before they got rid of you for playing basketball with a loaded gun on your hip............

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    By Blogger Lydia, at 11:26 PM, October 28, 2008  

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