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Sunday, July 29, 2007

West-View News hits news stands

Judy Brown-Marino has expanded her newspaper to include Westchester as well as Broadview.

The issue dated July 25, 2007 has a number of stories and columns that caught my attention.

"Broadview Sued Over Strip Club" (page 1) covers Chicago Joe's Tea Room suing the Village of Broadview in federal court.
The Complaint charges that Broadview's zoning laws are unconstitutional and violate the plaintiffs [sic] First Amendment rights....

The introduction of the Complaint reads, "This case results from an attempt by local officials's misuse of their power to censor speech and other expression with which they disagree. Defendants have imposed a unconstitutional prior restraint on the dissemination of erotic speech through Broadview licensing and zoning ordinances in violation of the First Amendment..."

Starting on page two the paper includes summaries of village meetings in Broadview and Westchester, including citizen comments. I expect that there's a reason other newspapers don't use this format. While it's truer to what happened at meetings than the traditional way reporters write about local meetings it's not as readable.

Judy Brown-Marino has a column expressing skepticism about Broadview considering one or two more TIF (tax increment financing) districts.
TIF Funds are not money sent from heaven. The money diverted into TIF's would otherwise go to the taxing bodies like the School, Library and Park Districts as well as to the Village itself.

I am disappointed in the school, library and park Boards and especially in their attorneys for not doing their jobs to protect their much needed revenue.

One additional issue about TIFs is that they let current elected officials borrow against future revenue to implement big projects today. Sometimes this is appropriate and sometimes this is just putting money in the pockets of politically connected developers.

I also have a column in the paper. I will have a regular column under the name "Probing Proviso".

You can get a copy of the paper at the following locations:
Broadview Village Hall
Westchester Village Hall
Broadview Public Library
Broadview Park District
Marquee Restaurant
Le Petite Cafe
Cookie Outlet
The Epicurean Restaurant
Westchester Citgo
Joe's Place
Sawa's Old Warsaw
Paul's Pizza
White Hen, 10235 Roosevelt
Gobber Real Estate
American Car Center

If you want to suggest a location, call (708)945-4942.

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  • Hey Carl, will this paper get interviews with Fox,Casey and Boyle and ask them hard questions?? Will they ask him,why is Tom Walsh still working as a lobbyist for the water commission?Will they ask why village meetings are'nt on Cable? Will they ask them why are they not doing a Forensic audit of the village and Westchester-Broadview water commission? What about there blog,why don't they think it's no longer important to communicate with the residents on there blogs?
    I'm afraid they broke all there campaign promises and if they restart there blog,will they allow everyone to write on it,or will they block viewers and bloggers?

    By Anonymous Casey,Fox and Boyle need to anwser, at 9:43 PM, July 30, 2007  

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