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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

POL, What's Sen. Dick Durbin think of Bush's State of the Union address?

Senator Dick Durbin will respond on Daily Kos (look for Durbin's diary). If you have an account--Daily Kos is the biggest Dem blog and requires users to have accounts--you can respond to Durbin's response or ask him questions. See Daily Kos.
Sen. Dick Durbin has decided to blow off the traditional media and give his SOTU reaction here at Daily Kos. Look for it in the diaries.

[UPDATE: Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo invites anyone with a video camera to respond to the State of the Union address.]

[UPDATE2: Sorry for fouling-up the links the first time.]

[UPDATE3: This is a comedic State of the Union address. The guy probably overdoes the Bushisms in the speech, but the end of it has the Democratic response by Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.]


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