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Sunday, January 21, 2007

KLEPT, Hastings makes inaccurate statements about allies drinking on taxpayer dime [D209]

Kyle Hastings is the mayor of Orland Hills and the Democratic State Central Committeeman for Illinois' Thirteenth Congressional District (southern DuPage County, northern Will County and some of southwestern Cook County). Hastings was recently appointed to the Pace board of directors. The Daily Southtown editorialized against this appointment.

And Hastings draws a six-figure paycheck from District 209. Under CEO Robert Libka Hastings was all but invisible. He was in some photo shoots. And when his biggest program--summer school--had problems Hastings was on vacation. See Forest Park Review (Seth Stern).

Since Hastings left a job working for the Secretary of State with allegations of ghost payrolling reported in the Daily Southtown, people speculated Hastings wasn't pulling a full 40 hour work week at District 209 under Libka.

To his credit Stan Fields has given Hastings some specific duties, including managing grants. This was a problem area under Libka. A multi-million dollar federal grant was misappropriated requiring District 209 to repay the money. And District 209 lost at least one automatic grant by not filing the required paperwork by the deadline. [UPDATE: I am researching these allegations further. At this point it seems like the grant information originally posted is incorrect.]

A Proviso Probe reader requested some coverage be devoted to allegations about Hastings management of the Village of Orland Hills.

The trustees of Orland Hills have been running up bar bills on village expense cards. According to this Daily Southtown (Isaac Wolf) article very little of the money has been paid back. The article also refers to Hastings claiming that he didn't drink with Trustee Cal Million. Only the receipts tell a different story. Hastings wouldn't return phone calls for the article.


  • SD209 needs to do exactally what the city Of Chicago did. Have all employees punch in on a time clock. No time can be tracked for Hastings and a few others because they are not accountable for time, just favors in the political field. Hastings keeps that end of cook county voting for "our people" and Welch keeps him employeed. welch even knows that Hastings is a undercover DEM. Majority Rep. in his neck of the woods but who cares. ITs the same old you wash my back and i will wash yours. its to bad the children are getting thrown out with the bath water after these crooks get through washin backs.

    By Anonymous Been Watchin 209, at 6:21 PM, January 21, 2007  

  • Another example of how Welch puts patronage jobs before children.

    I heard that the school will have to cut bakc on class periods, go to a 7th period day to save money. What about eliminate the patronage jobs Welch has handed out in the last six years as a way to cut the budget. The district is spending $500,000 on a website and the district does not have computers to sevice the population of students.


    By Blogger welch_is_an_ass, at 2:03 PM, January 22, 2007  

  • Hey WIAS,

    Is anyone investigating this moron? After reading this blog and hearing similiar things on the street, this guy should be indicted. Is anyone turning in this information? From under the table contributions, to his hiring practices and promotions, and contract deals. What is going on? When are the feds going to move in?

    By Anonymous I have a question?, at 11:32 PM, January 22, 2007  

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