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Thursday, December 14, 2006

POL, Stroger-Odelson relationship [D209]

Ray Hanania (Daily Southtown) has a column on Todd Stroger and Burt Odelson. Odelson is attorney for District 209, Proviso Township High Schools, in addition to his new role as Stroger's parliamentarian.
As Todd’s chief legal adviser, Odelson could become a powerful force who can definitely do more for the Southwest side and suburbs than any of our lacking elected officials in the county or elsewhere.

While Beavers and others might have viewed Todd Stroger as a push-over, they may be surprised at Stroger’s resilience with Odelson at his side.



    Suits Claim Reverse Prostitution Sting Corrupt
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    Rafael Romo

    (CBS) STONE PARK A class action lawsuit was filed Thursday charging police in west suburban Stone Park with trapping innocent men in a prostitution sting.

    CBS 2's Rafael Romo spoke with the alleged victims and also obtained a video of what the men call "police entrapment."

    Although he doesn't speak English very well, Luis Rubio says he understood what kind of service a woman was offering him at this car wash in Stone Park.

    "Maybe in 10 minutes I finished washing my car. When I finished washing my car, I go home," Rubio said.

    He was arrested by Stone Park police and charged with solicitation of prostitution. But the 52-year-old father of two is suing police saying he was the victim of entrapment.

    "Stone Park has made it a business of engaging in extortion and mail fraud," said attorney Blake Horwitz.

    Horwitz says a video clearly shows an undercover police officer making advances on a man twice.

    "It shows that the officer is out to make money for the municipality by going to drum up the business, and when they drum up the business regardless of what the men say, they're arrested," Horwitz said.

    He's also filing a lawsuit on behalf of the car wash owners, who say the prostitution stings have ruined their business.

    "No matter what improvements you make and you try to make it better and make it nicer, it doesn't happen," said owner Zyta Pawlik.

    Some car wash customers say they avoid washing their cars at night because everybody in Stone Park knows about the police operations.

    "You never come right here because you're afraid. You say, well I don't go to this car wash because you got the police right there," said customer Tino Guillen.

    An attorney for Stone Park said Thursday afternoon that "the allegations have no merit. The Stone Park police officers, who have conducted the operations, are not part of a conspiracy but an effort to reduce prostitution."

    He added that "all individuals were afforded due process in compliance with state statute."

    The case goes to court in a few months.

    (© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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