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Monday, December 18, 2006

ECON, Blagojevich signs Lightford bill to raise minimum wage

Governor Rod Blagojevich signed the bill to increase the minimum wage. See Illinois Government News Network (aka the Blago wire). Senator Kimberly Lightford was the lead sponsor.


  • Lightford stand up to Comed said...
    Senator Lightford has done nothing for working people or her constituents.That her name is on the bill means nothing in Illinois and in Springfield. Everyone knows that Madigan and Emile Jones are the only ones who allow a bill to go through or not, and the bill is meaniless,because raidsing the mininum wage does not guareentee a job or health care or better yet education.
    Lightford has the worst school in her district and has done nothing for them or for all failing school disitricts!Her record is disgraceful asnd embarrasing.She now is going to be appointed state superintendent for schools,through political manuvearing done by Meeks and Jones with Blago.Her position is only to make the job more political and just lip service for education!!She holds no qualifications for her position in the senate or in education!
    She should stand up for working people and tell Emile Jones that she is against the rate hikes for comed, that would be standing for the working people and poor, who she supposedly represent, and she would show her value, but she would'nt because she is just a hack!!!!No wonder Proviso and Maywood are in the state that they are in, with Lightford representing them you can't ask for more!

    By Anonymous lightford is a sellout, at 1:03 PM, December 21, 2006  

  • Is Lightford a Republican? said...
    Get a life all you blind rats who support Lightford, listen one dollar more in the minimum wage does not affect me,since I am a proffessional, and don't believe it will help the people who really need it, since the federal minimum wage is going up in Janunary so it does not mean athing other than spin!The one dollar increase will be lossed by the poor and working class to help pay for $30 dollar extra month in there ComEd bill, that the garble mouth Emile Jones and Lightford are unwilling to stand for there working man,,and the majority of the Democratic party.Lightford and Emil Jones should be Republicans for siding with ComEd.What will Lightford and Jones say when thousands of poor can't pay there electric bills and end up dying from exreme weather conditions????
    Also what in the hell are we spending one million dollar on a building,that has the name of Kim Lightford??? Will this building improve reading and writing for our children??? Will we have more teachers thanks to this building??? I don't think so!!!Lightford also refuses to send her child to disitrict 89 schools,because she is bright enough to know that 89 and 209 are the worst schools in the nation!
    Lighford is an embarrassment as a Senator, and maybe she should use that money to learn how to speak english herself!!

    By Anonymous Is Lightford a Republican?, at 7:42 PM, December 21, 2006  

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