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Proviso Probe

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ETHICS, torture: Durbin, Davis, Gutierrez, Emanuel & Lipinski good; Obama disappointing

All four Proviso Representatives voted against the Detainee Bill to allow Bush to behave badly. See Daily Kos (FleetAdmiralJ).

Senator Dick Durbin received positive reviews for his comments on the torture bill in the Senate. See Talk Left Fire Dog Lake (Christy Hardin Smith) and Atrios.

Senator Barack Obama got panned by Atrios and some others have joined him. See SoapBlox Chicago (EricV).

[UPDATE: Talking Points Memo (Josh Marshall):
As others have noted in more detail, this law allows the president to detain any US citizen in the United States and hold him or her without trial forever.

All the president needs to do is find that you are an 'enemy combatant'. And it's entirely his call....

Basically, getting arrested, prosecuted and thrown in the slammer the old-fashioned way becomes a privilege that can simply be revoked.

[Doesn't this make you proud to be an American? Do you feel more secure now?]


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