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Thursday, August 10, 2006

GOV, who should pay for new water meters? [BF]

Suburban Life (Debrah Bonn):
The village will install a new water meter system beginning this year with about 6,700 new meters -- commercial and residential. Estimates put the cost at about $213 per home for residential customers. Larger meters for some commercial customers may cost more.

When the board discussed the new meter system at a Committee of the Whole meeting July 10, the recommendation from Village Manager Riccardo Ginex and staff was for the village to front the $1.53 million needed and later recoup costs from water customers. Costs were to be passed on through 12 bi-monthly payments over two years of $17.80 added to water bills.

Trustee Linda Stevanovich and one other resident raised concern about that plan at the July 10 meeting. Noting a surplus in the water and sewer fund, Stevanovich said the village should be willing to share the cost with residents. Ginex, however, said money is needed for long-term maintenance, and cautioned against labeling it a surplus.

[UPDATE: Looks like the village will pay. From Riverside/Brookfield Landmark (Bob Uphues):
The cost for replacing water meters in Brookfield likely will be borne entirely by the village's water/sewer fund rather than residents, as had been previously discussed.


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