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Thursday, August 10, 2006

GOV, Brookfield goes with the second lowest bidder [BF]

Suburban Life (Debrah Bonn):
Street and water main repairs should begin in Brookfield in just a few weeks now that the Village Board has chosen contractors for the projects....

Village Engineer Derek Treichel said work should be finished in November.

Treichel's firm, Edwin Hancock Engineering Co., recommended the lowest bidder, Di Paolo Construction, for the water main project. Di Paolo's bid was for $1.74 million. The highest bid for that project was $2.05 million.

Brookfield decided to go with the $1.75 million bid by J. Nardulli Concrete.

I looked around the State Board of Elections website for political contributions made by the bottom two bidders. Di Paolo gave some money to Daley, but neither firm seemed active in these parts.

There's a Frank Nardulli who lives in Melrose Park, who gave to Serpico, but Google didn't show him as being linked to J. Narduli Concrete.

[Update: Riverside/Brookfield Landmark (Bob Uphues) reports the lowest bidder is going to court.

A Schaumburg-based construction firm is suing the Village of Brookfield, claiming the village failed to follow the proper procedure when it tossed out the firm's low bid for the village's 2006 street paving contract and went with the second-lowest bidder instead.

On July 19, A. Lamp Concrete Contractors Inc. asked a Cook County Circuit Court judge to impose a temporary restraining order to prevent work on the street project to begin and to reverse Brookfield's decision to go with the second-lowest bidder on the project, J. Nardulli Concrete Inc.

I'm not sure why one articles names the low bidder as Di Paolo and the other as A. Lamp Concrete Contractors, but the bid amounts are the same, so I'm pretty sure it's the same story.]


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