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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ENVIR, Woodcocks at Wolf Road Prairie [W]

(Photo of Woodcock from Des Moines County Conservation Board)

I received the following from Jim Hodapp, a local environmental activist and former teacher at Proviso East.
Good News!

The Woodcocks have returned to Wolf Road Prairie...March 11, 2006 at around 5:50pm the male woodcocks started to do their thing. I'm sure they have been back for a while; but this is the first evening this season I've seen them and heard them mystically sing with both their beaks and fluttering wings. At 62, it makes me feel good that I at least I made it to one more spring; And spring (for me) starts when the spiraling woodcocks begin their aerial mating display at the prairie. Peace Hodapp


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