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Friday, February 10, 2006

PO-PO, part-time cop abuses power [NL]

A woman received mysterious parking ticket. Her husband recalled a woman threatening him in the Northlake Sam's Club parking lot by saying, "I got a good parking place anyway. You just watch what happens when you [expletive] with the law."

Joseph Misuraca, the part-time police officer who wrote that ticket, was fired Tuesday night by the department after a quick investigation, Chief Charles Forsyth said Wednesday.

See Chicago Tribune (Tom Rybarczyk).

Here's my question for defenders of the Calderone part-time cop program in Forest Park.

Would a normal police officer risk his pension to get back at someone who took his wife's parking spot?

Do you see how part-time cops have much less to lose when they abuse their police powers?


  • And do you see how a politician who wanted to use cops as his personal enforcers would be able to take his abuses further with part-time cops?

    Just so we're clear that we're not talking about remote theoreticals, in the last two weeks Melrose Park Mayor Ron Serpico threatened me with arrest and the Bellwood Police seemed to be doing something that look more like security work for drug dealers than legitimate police work.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 11:53 AM, February 10, 2006  

  • Specious reasoning at best.

    Cops get fired all of the time when they get caught doing stupid things. Their concern for their pensions doesn't seem to stop them from screwing up.

    This part-time cop in the article got caught, and got fired - immediately. Only difference is part-time cops can't abuse the Fire and Police Commission hearing process like cops who are caught can do. Seems much more efficient way to root out bad seeds than with the process required to fire full-time cops.

    And so what if other towns misuse their police force? Go after them instead of imagining a problem that doesn't exist in Forest Park. The only political arrests that happened in Forest Park involved a police officer who is opposed to the Mayor who made both arrests.

    Should that cop get fired, Carl? Or should he keep his job because he doesn't like the Mayor, no matter what he does?

    Get your facts straight Nyberg.

    By Anonymous Tired, at 1:59 PM, February 10, 2006  

  • Hey tired, wake up and smell the corruption! The dis-honorable Calderone, with his goofy commission form government that gives him alone the administrative authority to hire & fire his goon squad wouldn't know right from wrong unless Serpico told him so. Imagine that, Calderone who's a high school drop-out has the power to put a gun in a part-time cops hand. Yeah right, this Calderone is going to do the right thing when the time comes I'm sure. He is so smart he didn't even have to finish high school.
    Anyway, what's the big deal. They can just have the states attorneys resident magician colin wimpson, I mean simpson magically make the charges disappear.

    By Blogger watching & waiting, at 10:45 PM, February 10, 2006  

  • Why are people so vicious? Did the Mayor drop out of school? If so, so what? He does a good job for a high school drop out. He put Forest Park on the map as a destination place rather than "drunken village." He increased property values, encourage pride of our town. Not perfect but is doing a good job.

    By Anonymous forestparker, at 9:23 PM, February 11, 2006  

  • Here we go again. What did the dis-honorable calderone do to raise property values? Are you telling me he has the ability to make your house worth more because hes the mayor? every house in the chicago area, no matter where it is, is worth more today then it was when the drop-out became mayor. And yes he dropped out of proviso east. Imagine that. the guy in charge of overseeing millions of our tax dollars can't even pass out of east!

    Heres the facts:
    he became mayor and there was millions of dollars in reserves from mayor Popelka. It took Calderoni only 4 years to go broke...thats right forestparker broke! All the money was gone. No plan to replace it but all kinds of ways to spend it. He even gave himself a village credit card! Village had to get a line of credit from the local bank and lay off 10 or so village employees including a cop & fireman.
    Fact: This Dis-honorable mayor also brought in the likes of Mickey "I got hives your honor" segal of near north insurance, everyones favorite disbarred attorney Anthony Bruno and his water pipe band, Rosemonts favorite law firm storino & durkin to run up the legal bills and he's made a fortune steering no bid contracts to all his buddies! He gets it all back X10 in the campaign fund and contributions!
    Fact: Forest park has gotten federal subpenas for the first time in its history on Bruno, been sued and lost in federal court for sexual harrassment, allows some cops to beat people then setles the lawsuit but tries to fire cops that speak up.
    Oh yah, this guy has done a pretty good job alright. At least we got a couple of new people up there at the last election but they can't do anything because dis-honorable has his votes to overrule and thats all he needs.

    At least your house is worth more money. People like you are the problem. You let people like him exist because you can't look past your nose. I hope your not a registered voter.

    By Blogger watching & waiting, at 10:50 AM, February 12, 2006  

  • Calderone and Gillian are ther cause of all ther problems in Forest Park! Both of these drunken sailors are spending are money like it is out of style!
    Look at Gillian at the Township, and that just reflects what he does in Forest Park! Gillian just pushed to hire Eugene Moore's and Jim Peralli's insurance companies to run the Township Insurance! What is going on!!! Does Gillian get kick backs, or other favors, from Eugene Moore and Jimmie Peralli? Why is Gillian giving everything away to Gene Moore and Welch? First he hires two ghost payrollers,in Robbins and Tom Walsh to lobby for the Township, now he gives Eugene Moore another commission check along with Moore's buddy Jimmie Peralli! Is Gillian aDemocrat or a Republican?
    Is Gillian Morally Challenged, or does he want to be known as the most corrupt and dirty politician in Proviso? Being known for that in Proviso is really big, due to all the corruption in Proviso, but Gillian is a serious contender for the Oscar for Most Corrupt and Dirty ,slimest,lyingest Politician in Proviso!
    I can't wait to when he and Calderone run again, so I and my friends can go and work the campaign to useat those two bums!
    Calderone and Gillian, YOUR OUT OF HERE!

    By Anonymous Your Worst nightmare, at 8:24 PM, February 12, 2006  

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