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Thursday, February 09, 2006

TAXES,appealing assessments

Pioneer Press has a confusing announcement. At least I was confused. (Apologies on the Fair Use issue. The piece is short and to make the point I have to excerpt more than 10%.)
For individuals looking to appeal their property-tax assessments, representatives from the Cook County Board of Review will give Proviso Township residents the opportunity to do so.

On Saturday, residents made property-tax-assessment appeals at Rock of Ages Baptist Church's Spiritual Growth and Development Center. Residents must have their tax bill with them when making an appeal.

For information on making an appeal, contact the office of Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry R. Rogers at (312) 603-5540.

Note that the first paragraph clearly uses the future tense "will give". The second paragraph then uses the past tense to refer to the same event.

When I called Rogers' office the woman was concerned that they were going back to Rock of Ages again. On the phone with her I noticed the tense change in the second paragraph.

To appeal your property tax assessment the best person to approach for help is probably the Proviso Township Assessor Michael A. Corrigan, (708)343-1313. Rogers' office probably doesn't have time to do more than send you the forms. Corrigan should have the time to answer your questions.


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