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Thursday, February 09, 2006

OPEN, what's on your mind?

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  • Carl, thanks for mentioning the Welch website. Now I have a better scandal for you.

    Take a look at the Welch platform.

    The majority of the platform that Chris Welch said he "boldly initiated" he actually "boldly stole" from Theresa Kelly during her tenure as District 209 School Board President.

    This is a fact!

    If anyone remembers, there were a number of new programs initiated by Theresa Kelly during the 2001-2002 academic year.

    Here's a laundry list of initiatives that were founded by Theresa Kelly that Chris Welch has stolen.

    Mandatory Evening School for unexcused absences and for repeat tardiness led to a 14% increase in average daily attendance.
    (#2 on the welch's list)

    Mandatory Wednesday/Saturday School Tutoring (#3 on the welch's list)

    Mandatory Summer School for students for failing two or more classes (#4 on the welch's list)

    Toughened Academic Requirements (#5 on the welch's list)

    Added extra semester of reading (#6 on the welch's list)

    Extended classroom periods from 7 to 8 (#7 on the welch's list)

    Tightened campus security (#9 on the welch's list)

    Added freshmen learning communities (#10 on the welch's list)

    Instituted Proviso High School’s first ever town hall meetings (#12 on the welch's list)

    Introduced the Dad’s Program (#13 on the welch's list)

    Take Your Parent’s To School Day (#14 on the welch's list)

    These initiatives were started by Theresa Kelly to help bring a focus to the academic environment during a time of declining test scores and graduation rates.

    Theresa Kelly was highly touted for her work and received the Hometown Award of Excellence based on her work and these very initiatives.

    I feel this to be an ironic and sad state of affairs that Chris Welch would try to steal the initiatives implemented by the person he despises so much, Theresa Kelly, and try to use them for his own campaign.

    Does this man have no morals? No integrity? No sense of self?

    This is not the first time. His PR machine put out a small column in the Pioneer Press touting an award that he won based on these stolen initiatives.
    The Pioneer Press ran a correction in the following issue stating that these initiatives were actually initiated by Theresa Kelly during her term as school board president.

    Carl, you're a reporter. Check it out! You will find my statements to be true.

    By Anonymous The Truth, The Lies and The Welch!, at 2:40 PM, February 10, 2006  

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