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Proviso Probe

Thursday, February 16, 2006

ED, why can't Libka or Murphy return phone calls? [D209]

Partially due to my influence, Northwest Indiana Times (Phil Rockrohr) did a story about District 209 starting the School Based Health Center at Proviso East and then losing the federal subsidy. Thornton Fractional North is considering a similar health center.

Rochrohr interviewed Mike Manzo and attempted to interview both CEO Robert Libka and Supertintendent Phylistine Murphy.
Evans and District 209 officials, including Superintendent Phylistine Murphy and Chief Education Officer Robert Libka, could not be reached for comment this week or last week.

Why could Libka or Murphy return phone calls and answer this reporters questions?

Is it because they don't know what they have permission to say?


  • They are scared of Welch. Libka is so dumb who really would want his comments. He should not even me the supt. Murphy is sscared shitless for her job.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:09 AM, February 17, 2006  

  • Proviso West Booster Parent:
    Murphy will not return the calls because she is now controlled by Welch / Moore.The community once had a lot of high regards and respect for Ms.Murphy until she crossed a line of no return. Why did she accept the job from the "machine". murphy could have went anywhere else and recieved twice the pay with her background and education. Now please dont dare use the old tired line "she wanted to work in her own community". BULLxxxx!!Murphy sold her sole to the political devils and was promised a big spot in the future. HMMMMMMM...never know who is going to talk when they come out of those closed door meetings Phylistine, you know the ones you and your machine have at Leonas in oak park on madison. oooopsss...sorry...I forgot , you did not let Mayor Passcualli know you were having these secret meetings with Welch / Moore. Watch who you play ball with sista girl. It is dangerous out here and those guys will destroy your whole life as a educator. Look at whats happening Phylis. you are in a position and they told you at the lastr meeting behing closed doors not to make one move unless they tell you to. thats not like you murphy. Get out while you still have your good name. dont put yourself in a situation of no return. once you are done..you are done..Good luck Phylis.There are also people in your district Ms.Murphy that should not be around children and you still have been closed lip about that information.The Blood will Be On Your Hands!!!!!!!

    God Bless You!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 PM, February 18, 2006  

  • Why has Murpy, sista I look good, have not returned your calls? PUPPITS do not return calls - only the folks who have their hands in their backs. Murphy, my dear sister, you are being used big time. D209 is using your creditials which is allowing unqualified Libka to be at D209. My guess he is getting paid more and you are more qualified. If I was you, I would be looking for another job before the hammer comes down on you. Pasquale, the mayor without a plan, supported you and now you are running buddies with Welch/Moore. Girl, how do you get to sleep at night. You are in a no win situation sister girl - take your creditionals and experience and run to the hill before it is to late. If you do not make a move soon, you will be the next D209 administrator on ADMINSTRATIVE LEAVE.

    By Anonymous In The Midest of the storm, at 12:31 AM, February 19, 2006  

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