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Saturday, October 08, 2005

ENVIR Dominican U. seizing land for driveway[FPres]

The Wednesday Journal (Bill Dwyer) has a story covering River Forest's vote to approve Dominican University building the driveway. The backstory is that until recently most everybody assumed the Forest Preserve owned the land in question. Now Dominican is claiming it owns the property.

But it seems more accurate to say the county isn't contesting Dominican's claim.
[The River Forest] Village Attorney Jon Gilbert said [he] saw the land controversy as basically a non-issue.

“The applicant has made a showing that they--on the face of it--they own the property,” said Gilbert. “The argument is between the university and a party that doesn’t have a (legal) interest in (the property) who says that a third party owns it. “(But) that third party has not claimed title to the property.”

“There’s no dispute,” he concluded. “It’s not an issue.”


  • The proposed Dominican University drive way if constructed through the Green Triangle of Thatcher Woods will destroy approximately one million native wildflowers. The land in question has been maintained by Cook County Forest Preserve District staff for 73 years. Who owns this land? "The tax payers who have paid the salaries of the Cook County FPD work crews that have maintained this section of the Forest Preserve for so many years.

    By Anonymous Jim Hodapp, at 8:55 AM, October 11, 2005  

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