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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

BLOG, what is news?

Not all information that reflects negatively upon public officials is news.

Allegations of domestic violence, infidelity and the like aren't automatically news.

This is related to the debate about the GOP impeaching Bill Clinton for lying about getting head from an intern. Should Clinton have lied under oath? No. Should the courts have granted Scaife's attorneys permission to depose Clinton about his sex life? No.

For personal info to be relevant it has to touch on behavior clearly connected to the public officials duties.

A public official doing drugs like marijuana and cocaine may or may not be news. If it's a teacher doing weed on the weekend, it's probably not news. If it's a teacher dealing weed on the weekend, it probably is news. An elected official doing coke may not be news. But if the same public official is reputed to get support from drug dealers, it is news.

If you want to engage in this kind of personal attack, contact me, RadioNyberg circled "a" Yahoo spot com. I want to see the documents, but documents alone don't make allegations news. It's got to be relevant in some way.

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