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Monday, September 17, 2007

what do you think of Rep. Dan Lipinski's performance on Chicago Tonight?

I don't want to bias the responses by asking a leading question, but what do you think of how U.S. Dan Lipinski (D-IL03) speaks and carries himself in this interview?

[UPDATE: Mark Pera, president of the board of ed for Lyons Township High School, is running against Lipinski in the Democratic primary. You can see him grovel for campaign contributions at Prairie State Blue. Pera says that last week he was in the top five candidates in the country on Act Blue, a site for raising money for Democratic candidates. This is impressive because the only candidates ahead of him were running for POTUS or U.S. Senate.]

[One can make a strong case that LT is the best run high school in the area based on producing the most National Merit Scholar semifinalists and costing less that "we heart property taxes" Oak Park.]

[The other candidates running would probably also like your money before September 20, so you might want to visit their websites too. Jerry Bennett, Jim Capparelli and Dan Lipinski. And Jerome Poehlen is running as a Green Party candidate.]

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