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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ald. Ed Smith to challenger Eugene Moore for Recorder

Austin Weekly News (Delores McCain):
In an exclusive announcement to the AWN, 28th Ward Ald. Ed Smith said he will be running for Cook County Recorder of Deeds in next year's election....

"The reason why we're [running] is because of responsibility or the lack of responsibility," Smith said Sunday.

If I was in Smith's position, I'd be a little disappointed, if not miffed, that I gave a small paper an exclusive and the paper buried it inside a story about someone else. If Smith just wanted to be mentioned as an aside in some other article he could have gotten that from the dailies.

But Smith and Rep. Karen Yarbrough sorta brought media skepticism on themselves. Yarbrough said she was running then she changed her mind. And Smith sending a proxy to the meeting of Dem committeemen didn't exactly inspire confidence that he's really trying to win this race.

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  • That's not exclusive. Smith talked with the west suburban journal two weeks ago about running as an independent with yarbrough as his campaign chair.

    These two are a joke and a mockery to the Democratic party. There is no indecisiveness about that!

    By Anonymous I'm just sayin II, at 4:33 PM, September 13, 2007  

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