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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Proviso wants unions to accept furloughs

Proviso Township High Schools (District 209) business manager Nikita Johnson has asked the unions to consider taking two-week furloughs. The threat to the unions is that if the employees [UPDATE: don't] accept the furloughs then employees will need to be cut.

The teachers union thought it was doing pretty well to negotiated a 19.5% pay increase over four years.

And all the unions have either tacitly supported the board majority controlled by Eugene Moore and Emanuel "Chris" Welch or actively campaigned for them.

What's two weeks out of 52? 3.8%. So if the teachers got a 5% pay raise this year they'll lose most of it to the furloughs.

Maybe the unions should start electing representation that advocates for the interests of the members, not the interests of the political bosses.

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  • WTF says!

    Nikita Johnson and the board needs to come clean and tell the public that she in fact received a $10,000 raise when her title changed from business manager to assisstant supt. of finance. Why doesn't she take a pay decrease or a pay freeze. Oh, by the way did anyone see her and Welch kiss at West's Homecoming game? I tried to catch it on my camera phone. I am sure the Feds would like footage of that!

    It is really pathetic that her and her family are allowing a low life creep, jerk, asshole like Welch to use and abuse her. Nikita do you really need a man in your life this bad? You can do so much better, but do you want to do better?
    My Goodness!
    Nikita, the whole town is laughing at you! Wake up sista!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:09 PM, September 26, 2007  


    Carl you are absolutely right! If you investigate the support staff Union's president past political campaign contributions you will find that she donated to Eugene Moore's campaign.

    Not only has Ida Chester given money, but look at Wallace, McDaniels, Thomas, and Andrew Johnson gives big bucks.

    What are employees of Proviso paying dues for? Nikita needs to be very careful. Chris is setting her up to take the rap. She is going to get caught holding the loot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:44 PM, September 26, 2007  

  • ha haha ho ho ha ha ha ha this is so funny. Ho, ho, ha, ha

    so, Chris and Gene stuck it to the unions. Ha, ha ha ha ha ho ha ha.

    maybe this will be a 1st

    the unions talk about no permanent friends and no permanent enemies only permanent interes... who's interest is this?

    ha, ha ha ha haha ha

    By Anonymous still laughing, at 10:49 PM, September 26, 2007  

  • Thanks to Proviso Probe reader FH for pointing out that I missed the negative.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 9:41 AM, September 27, 2007  

  • A history of operating deficits has existed in D209 long enough to have now become entrenched. And any organization unable to operate at or near breakeven is simply living on borrowed time, as if in denial of what must be the inevitable consequences of prolonged mismanagement. You just can't go on forever, operating in a manner that is beyond your means and/or level of resources. This is law for any organization, and a culture of hope and denial is not uncommon in such situations.

    At best, the struggle will be one of establishing greater efficiencies...meaning cutting back in every case where there is least pain and disruption. D209 is arguably lean already, but not lean enough. If you already see your workload as onerous, anticipate that it will become moreso. Greater responsibility will fall on fewer and fewer shoulders. It will suck the life outta most that you do, at least at the outset.

    There is no job security unless you got tenure and length of service as a means for providing some buffer. Otherwise, faculty in tenuous positions should get out. No matter how good a teacher you are, by edict you will find yourself out of work. Nobody will be able to help, least of all the union.

    I go so far as to say that more than a few administrators will also find themselves on the short end of the stick. It's the price one pays for failure to lead, combined with a profound lack of effectiveness.

    Monies will have to be channeled back into education following the elimination of excesses and others sources of cost overruns which are indefensible.

    None of it will be necessarily fair. As with all things in the public sector, it's basically political in the end.

    In the end, there can only be one outcome, and nothing short of a cash infusion can avert the diminishing range of options. The union is stymied and all they can do is aim to avert the axe from coming down on its tenured element. This is standard protocol and the only face-saving, albeit hollow, alternative.

    By Anonymous carrie, at 5:42 PM, September 27, 2007  

  • Riddle me this oh keeper of the money...furlough the teachers, how? The students must be in school what is it 170 days, right? You're gonna have to pay substitute teachers right genius?

    Do you really think that by cutting two weeks the essential services will be able to be completed? Do you thing the majority of the staff sits on their rears all day? Sure you have some in your 5th floor that are Chris Welsh's friends that aren't there 1/2 the time. But seriously, how's maintenance going to wax floors, or do other essential jobs in two weeks less time, AND your not going to pay OT? Or are you going to force unpaid OT? Are you ready for another investigation by the labor board? I know they won't be happy to come back.

    Hey genius Nikita, your lack of personality skills has the entire staff gossiping about the unfairness. That's what's on their minds instead of teaching. How dumb did you get when you got your Ed Doc?

    The kids of Proviso need a solid staff to EDUCATE them, that includes teachers and support staff that aren't freaking out because of fear of monetary loss.

    The district is in danger of the state taking over, you breed an unproductive environment. Didn't they teach you anything about productivity at the school you got your Ed Doc at? Or did you get it from an online school?

    Cut the waste patronage jobs and contracts Welsh you crook. Stop stealing from the kids future.

    Citizens of Proviso Township, move away. Far away from Proviso High Schools. Faculty and staff find new jobs, now!

    BTW - if you think Nikita is going to stop this year at furloughs you're wrong. She is planning layoffs, more furloughs and benefit reductions, trust me.

    Proviso is Falling

    By Blogger EndofProviso, at 7:43 PM, September 28, 2007  

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