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Proviso Probe

Monday, September 17, 2007

former Proviso East teacher is Green Party candidate

This weekend I went to the meeting of the West Side Greens. I met three candidates: Jerry Pohlen (IL-03), Rita Maniotis (District 21 Representative) and Kevin O'Connor (District 41). Pohlen and Maniotis live in Berwyn. O'Connor the Green Party committeeman for Proviso Township lives in La Grange Park. If you want to contact O'Connor his email is Kevin.OConnor circled "a" ilgp.org.

Maniotis was a teacher of English and drama at Proviso East in 2006-07. It would be kinda cool to have an Illinois legislator that understood District 209 from an insiders perspective.

And she seems like she personable enough to be a serious political candidate.

I was less enthusiastic about the issue she put in her literature.

She supports the tax swap idea for shifting the cost of education from the property tax to the income tax. She says this should be done to make education funding "sustainable and equitable".

Property taxes are a sustainable source of income. In fact, the good thing about property taxes when compared to sales taxes and income taxes is that the taxing bodies know how much money they will get before the year starts. Sales and income taxes depend on the cyclical nature of the economy.

What's not sustainable with property taxes is having public sector employees having their pay and health insurance compensation grow faster than the tax base.

As for making education equitable, people don't want education to be equitable. As a matter of policy we divert more resources to high performing students and students with special needs. There are many different types of inequity built into the education system. Liberals may be influenced by Marxist ideas about equality, but I think it's denying reality to think people want education to be equal for all.

Maniotis wants to invest in mass transit. This makes sense to me.

She favors implementing universal health care at the state level. I don't think states have the resources to do this. However, I'm open to switching around the tax code so that they do.

Maniotis is skeptical of vaccines. I'm ok with applying some skepticism, but I'm skeptical about anti-vaccine paranoia. Most people think the people who try to make a political issue of opposing HPV vaccines are kooks. Left Wing opposition to vaccines flirts with kookiness too.

Maniotis also favors "Good Example Government"
--Implement recycling, renewable energy and energy conservation at all levels of state government
--Buy-Illinois! Support Illinois-based firms & farms

I did like her bio:
I am a high school teacher and a former radio producer. I am happily married with 3 children and ahve been an active member of the PTAs and PTOs at their schools. I presently serve as president of Morton West High School PTO. I am also secretary of Near West Citizens for Peace and Justice and a volunteer with Chicago Indymedia. I produce their monthly radio program, From the Trenches heard on 88.7 FM WLUW.

To contact Rita Maniotis, call (708)749-1891 or email RManiotis circled "a" Yahoo spot Com.

The Green Party is still looking for candidates to run for various positions, including challenging U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-IL07) and to run for Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

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