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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

KLEPT, Stan Fields giving away taxpayer money to Welch political ally [D209]

Superintendent Stan Fields decided to buy ten tickets to the PLCCA Masquerade Ball held last Saturday for $2,500. PLCCA is the non-profit organization run by Rev. Claude Porter. Porter is a political ally of Eugene Moore, District 209 school board president Chris Welch and the Stroger family.

District 209 provided information about the ball in the packages provided to board members before the December meeting. Fields did not suggest District 209 buying tickets at the November meeting, the December meeting or the January meeting.

Since the January meeting Fields decided to contribute $2,500 to PLCCA and polled the board members individually. Apparently four of them said "yes" to the expenditures.

The day after PLCCA's Masquerade Ball Fields reportedly attended Porter's church. Fields invited Porter and members of Porter's church to attend the February meeting of the board of education. Fields promised to unveil his education plan. At least one member of the board minority is rankled that Fields is shopping his education plan with Porter before telling board members of its existence.

Further, minority board members have complained that Fields portrays himself as being a disciplined steward of taxpayers' money by portraying board members as wasting money for going to education conferences while Fields is just giving away money to political allies of board president Chris Welch.

[UPDATE: A board member now says that the board voted to approve the expenditure, but that Fields hid it within another expenditure. Is this legal?]

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  • Proviso Highlighter said

    Chris Welch supports two vengeful and evil witches with a "b"

    Cheryl Washington and Lula Greenhow are what? Running for what ? There mouth's said what? These two dispickable characters are not what Maywood needs.....Chris can't control Gary Woll neither can he be State Rep...so let's just recognize his disparity but for anyone to think of these two as an alternative is a misnomer...People wake up, they have been stealing for a long time don't be fooled Ralph Conner and Gene Moore trained these hoes to the game...so Chris should just watch out ...because Lula Greenhow wrote grants to steal the money at the Maywood Park District... and I believe she misaligned the clerk's office along with her fat ass daughter and fellow running mate ghost payroller boyfriend Ralph McNabb.....The audit from his office is still not complete , criminal charges pending...there still exterminating from her nasty ass daughter meals during her tenure...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:52 PM, February 14, 2007  

  • What's going on here? We want some answers!

    By Anonymous what is going on, at 11:15 PM, February 14, 2007  

  • Fields' first mistake was coming to Proviso and poltically aligning himself with a crook, Chris Welch.

    His second mistake was disrespecting a board member, Kelly, during his first board meeting, and he continues to publicly disrespect her.

    Third mistake was aligning himself with Welch and Gene Moore. I don't think he realizes that they have lost all of their juice. Any time you have to run your brother's and son's baby mommas for a school board election, you have lost your juice and your damn mind.

    Third mistake, he constantly leaks private conversations and information between him and board members to the Insider.

    Fourth mistake, he showed his cards to early . When the chips fall, Welch won't be able to save Fields or make his own bail. Fields would have been accepted and respected if he had come in and worked for the students at Proviso. He needs to concern himself with the educating the students of Proviso. But he came in being Welch's bitch. Like all empires, Welch's has crumbled. I don't think Fields got that memo, because he is to busy sending teachers frivilous and wordy memos.

    To: Dr. Stan Fields
    From: Proviso Township Citizens
    CC: Chris Welch, Gene Moore, Ron Serpico, Brian Cross, and Don Sloan
    Subject: Welch IS DONE IN PROVISO

    Chris Welch lost the State Rep. election last March. Karen A. Yarbrough whooped the shit out of him at the polls. Welch did not even win in his own precinct. He spent over $150,000 on his failed attempt at State Rep. Outside of Maywood and Hillside, no one knows who Chris Welch is. He carries nok weight in politics in the state of Illinois or Proviso Township.
    He will be indicted very soon for dealings in an H2O project.
    Please refer to attachments.

    Fifth mistake Fields did not do his research. I know Fields will regret the mistakes he has made, but he should learn from them and try to change his path while he can, because April will be here before we all know it.
    If he was such a great football player in his day, he better get ready to dodge and weave, because his ass is grass come April.

    By Blogger Mississippi_Burning, at 11:48 PM, February 14, 2007  

  • Carl, in your fair reporting you forgot to mention that the Village of Maywood also had a table at Porter's PLCCA event. Both Village Manager Robert Nelis and Chief Elvia Williams were in attendance, and probably more.

    Carl, do you think that Nelis and Williams dug deep in the lining of their own pockets to scoop up the $250 per plate entrance fee or do you think the village foot the tab?

    I beleive the inability for you to see and report truth comes from you head being stuck up Yarbrough's ass!

    You're comic relief, Carl

    By Anonymous seriously entertaining, at 11:37 AM, February 15, 2007  

  • Seriously, let's compare...$2,500 to $250.

    Carl, you are correct in pointing out the seriously inappropriate spending by Stan Fields and Chris Welch.

    Stan has yet to realize that he is seriously on his way to losing everything he worked so hard to attain, by aligning himself with Chris Welch and Gene Moore.

    Stan Fields has no idea of how seriously deep the shit is he's standing in.

    His days are seriously numbered to the point that he may never receive another supreintendent job...ever...seriously!

    By Anonymous Seriously Stupid!, at 12:52 PM, February 15, 2007  

  • The "lopsider" is trying to defend the superintendent's(Fields) actions for suggesting and encouraging the board of education members to attend of all things a masquerade ball @$250(actual cost $2500) per seat sponsored by PLCCA. The claim that Chris Welch makes is that the board of education agreed to pay for the masquerade ball by voting 7-0 at the January board of education meeting. That only happened because Field's decided to hide/disquise the invoice under the name "board table". How and why would anyone be able to distinguish between board table and masquerade ball? Furthermore, if Fields and the board majority(Welch, Adams, Madlock, & Henry) were above board, why wasn't it placed on the open session agenda?
    The invitation was sent in November 2006. Surely Fields and Chris Welch could have placed it on the November,December and/or January agenda! As for Chris Welch's contention that Dr. Flowers' voted in favor of the bills because he was concerned about his reimbursement from trip he took to Disney World. Let's use simple logic here. First of all, if Dr. Flowers took a trip to Disney World and the board of education reimbursed him--shame on Fields, Welch, Henry, Adams and Madlock!!
    The truth of the matter is that Fields delayed the reimbursement payment to Dr. Flowers from the November and December meeting and conveniently placed it on the January bill list. This type of trash/lies exists because if Chris Welch knew what NABSE(National Alliance of Black School Educators) stood for, he really would stop embarrassing the ethnic group that he so desparately tries to distance himself from.....being black!!. As I understand it, not only did Dr. Flowers attend NABSE, but was willing to share/report to the board and public regarding the educational trip. But due to Fields and Welch ignoring/dismissing all committee meetings, it did not happen.

    The real question that remains is Fields, Welch, Madlock, Adams, & Henry should stand proud Monday, February 19, 2007 at the BOE meeting and announce their promotion of spending $2,500 of the taxpayers money at a masquerade ball! Is it any wonder why the PSAE scores for District 209 will be in the teens and lower!!

    So much for Fields tightening the budget!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:37 PM, February 15, 2007  

  • You got that right Seriouly Stupid. Libka gpt so much shit on him he will never be hired in a school district. Well, Libka is also a DUMB ASS, but he did a lot of dirt for Chris that showed up in newspaper, most districts do their research before hiring supt. Proviso is the only exception.

    By Blogger 209sucks, at 5:37 PM, February 15, 2007  

  • Refer to anon 3:37 as "So much for tightening the budget".

    Please use a pseudonym.


    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 6:05 PM, February 15, 2007  

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