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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

F07, Patrick Doolin money questions

On February 9, 2007, Commissioner Patrick Doolin received $1,000 for his campaign committee from Grand Interior Group Inc., 2121 N 15th Ave., Melrose Park. Grand Interior Group has also given to Eugene Moore (most recent $500 on March 20, 2006) and to the Eighth Ward Democrats (Stroger's ward organization, most recent $200 on October 24, 2006).

Grand Interior Group, Inc. is owned by Eugene Palermo. Eugene Palermo's son, Jason Palermo, owns Doolin's real estate business. Neither Eugene or Jason Palermo have a recent history of contributing to political campaigns as individuals.

Doolin also received $2,500 from Delaney Contractors in Oak Park. Doolin signed a modified version of the CUFP campaign pledge and is not limiting himself to contributions no more than $100 from outside Forest Park.

Today the Forest Park Review endorsed Patrick Doolin for mayor. On the web site formerly known as ForestPark.com justaparker wrote, "Talk about pay to play dosen't Doolin pay the review every week for his adds?" And Dr. Barbie added:
Interesting Justaparker, I was thinking the same thing. Anytime you read the Review online Doolin is sitting at the top of the page watching you.

I would imagine Mr. Haley would lose quite a bit of advertising revenue if he alienated Mr. Doolin.

According to Doolin his real estate business hasn't advertised in the newspaper in ten months and his online advertisements cost about $60 per month. He estimates that he's spent less than $1,000 in advertising with the Forest Park Review in the last year. Forest Park Review's total advertising revenue is unknown.

[UPDATE: In an email Patrick Doolin wrote, "I just checked my records and the last time I placed a real estate print ad in the FPR was 08/06."]

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