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Friday, August 25, 2006

HEALTH, how do bars/restaurants feel about Cook County smoking ban? [LP]

Suburban Life (Joe Sinopoli):
Out of a total of nine businesses surveyed [regarding the Cook County ordinance banning smoking in restaurants and bars], five responded. Of the five, only one, D's Little Italy, requested the village pass an ordinance that would permit smoking in restaurants. Alex & Aldo's, Baskin-Robbins, New Hong Kong Restaurant and the Original Pancake House favored use of the county ordinance. Bill's Place, Golden Wok, Panera Bread and Rascal's, the village's only bar, did not respond to the survey.

My take is that as long as there are non-smoking options available then bars should have the option of buying a smoking license. There should be a limited number of licenses (less than the total number of eligible establishments) and the bars that want to have smoking should be able to buy the licenses.

However, if an establishment allows smoking it should provide free cleaning for the employees’ smoky clothes.


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