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Thursday, August 24, 2006

GOV, who can live in a single family home? [NR]

North Riverside is changing the definition of "family" for the purpose of defining who can live in a single-family home. See Suburban Life (Dan Petrella).
[Village Administrator Guy]Belmonte said the village is not trying to place a restriction on the size of families. What the ordinance aims to do is prevent homeowners from renting out spare rooms to make money....

Renting out rooms in single-family homes puts more cars on village streets and more children in schools.

Based on my experience people don't mind more children in school; what they really object to are the wrong kind of children being in their schools.

I suppose the policy will reduce automobiles, but if you really want to reduce automobiles it seems like a circuitous way to approach the issue. Why not charge more for second and third vehicle stickers at the same address? A third car at an address is a third car whether it's driven by a non-related renter or a family member, right?


  • Years back with the first influx of many illegals into Cicero, a family member sold his 3 flat to a Hispanic couple. The population of the apartment building grew far out of proportion from what would be considered minimum safety standards. This couple rented out rooms including the unfinished basement area to small families and single illegals. At that time $100 per month a head. High on income, low on ethics. Maybe this is what North Riverside is trying to avoid?

    By Anonymous canyoublamethem, at 4:51 PM, August 25, 2006  

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