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Proviso Probe

Thursday, June 22, 2006

KLEPT, Mario Dal Cerro arrested by the feds [MP]

Sun-Times (Steve Warmbir):
An employee of a security company owned by Melrose Park Police Chief Vito Scavo told a restaurant owner to lie about the chief getting part of the weekly fee the company charged, prosecutors alleged Tuesday.

The employee, Mario Dal Cerro, 38, was charged Tuesday with trying to impede a criminal investigation -- the first arrest in the ongoing probe of Scavo's security companies being conducted by Cook County and federal prosecutors.

The Cook County State's Attorney is involved in the investigation? Umm... why? Past reporting has mentioned other federal agencies, like Department of Labor being involved, but IIRC this is the first mention of local law enforcement being involved.

If I advised the U.S. Attorney on the case, I'd tell him that Devine's office has a friendly relationship with the players involved. The best reason to involve Devine's people is to set-up a sting to find out which of Devine's people are more cooperative with the law breakers than the law enforcers.

What tips and rumors have you heard about the investigation? Got any predictions for how this is going to unfold?


  • According to sources within Melrose Park and out of the village, numerous individuals have been wearing wires.This has severe consequences,not only for the Police Chief but also the Mayor, and other indivuduals who are in postions of confidence.Also this will spread out into other villages,where certain people have been invovled with Melrose Park politically.
    The question one has to ask is, will this affect Bellwood? 209?The Township offices? 89? Only time will tell.
    Also how does this affect Melrose Park's allies politically, such as Pasqualli,Calderone,Gillian,Welch,Moore,Tony Williams and others?
    I don't think anyone or anybody will want to go to jail, for others who have made fortunes finacially,and don't expect all these so called allies of Melrose Park to be quit.The feds are planning to throw the book at everyone who refuses to cooperate.
    It is a sad day for Merose Park!

    By Anonymous when the next shoe drops, at 10:48 AM, June 24, 2006  

  • For way to long politicians and insiders have benifited from political contracts and insurance deals.
    In Proviso township,a bastion of Democratic power and control, the Township goverment gave the insurance contract to none other than the 19th ward Republican Committeeman Jim Peralli.
    Mr. Peralli,eventhough he states to be a Republican has never voted for a Republican and has only contributed money to Democrats!
    Mr. Peralli is associated to Melrose Park’s Democratic Machine,and associated with there Mayor and there Police Chief, who you properly mentioned in your article.Melrose Park’s machine along with Mr. Peralli, are also close poltical and bussiness associates of Liz Gorman and Her Husband,with Maureen Murphy,Tom Walsh(ex-state Senator and new lobbyist for Proviso Township and Melrose Park), Al Ronan, as well as Eugene Moore,the Dolton twins,the Shaw brothers,state Rep. Jim Durkin and Christie Radagno and her husband.
    Sounds confusing, but it is really not, since all these people are really part of the Ed Vrdolak regime.While there communities are being destroyed by bad schools, high crime rates,crumbling infrastructure and middle class flight, these people feel entitled to continue holding political power and getting rich!!

    By Anonymous William Callahan, at 11:11 AM, June 24, 2006  

  • Sometimes it's just noise and a reason to employ civil servants. Really...how many times does one have to be investigated before they find something so minor to justify themselves? And all the while, ruin reputations and good faith relationships? I've heard names dragged through the mud only to have nothing brought forth. I think it's a shame. There is too much effort and mony spent on nonsense and headlines.

    By Blogger caper, at 3:32 AM, July 08, 2006  

  • This is all to much this guy Mario I am sure did not do anything wrong he was told what to do Buy bigger than himself

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:23 PM, September 19, 2006  

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