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Thursday, May 11, 2006

MEDIA, Trib writes about Melrose Park condos [MP]

Chicago Tribune (Steve Brosinski):
MELROSE PARK -- In anticipation of the village's first condominium conversion, the Village Board on Monday approved new regulations on owner-occupied apartments.

A 29-unit building in the 1400 block of 1st Avenue is being converted to condos, a first in Melrose Park, said Public Works Director Peter Urso.

The Trib does a technically accurate job of reporting this story.

But, if you're involved with local issues in Melrose Park this isn't one that people are talking about.

I wrote an entry about blogs vs. traditional media.

In the comments Roy criticized me for not recognizing that the Tribune does use blogs.

Yes, various Trib figures, like Eric Zorn, have blogs. But Trib blogs aren't two-way communications on local issues. The news on Proviso Probe gets influenced by the audience. Blogs create accountability.

Trib columnists have blogs, but the Trib has contempt for the idea that the hoi polloi should have any input into what should be covered.

Brosinski wrote an article about Melrose Park. Maybe someone keeps a checklist and requires two Melrose Park articles per year. But Brosinski's article is easy to write. It can be written from a village press release.

But what people are really concerned about in Melrose Park is totally different. If the Trib blogged the news, they'd have a better sense of what people are concerned about.


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