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Monday, March 06, 2006

SPORT, Proviso East boys hoops [D209]

Sun-Times (Michael O'Brien) has the post season preview. In addition to the Pirates, St. Joe's and Fenwick are in the mix.
AT FARRAGUT: Everything points toward a St. Joseph vs. Proviso East rematch in the sectional final. The Pirates (23-5) handed St. Joseph (27-1) its only loss in November. Since then, Proviso East has battled some of the best teams in the state (Glenbrook North) and the country (Lawrence North of Indianapolis) with mixed results. Don't overlook Fenwick (18-8). The Friars are capable of pulling the upset and could find the Chargers looking past them.

Curie (21-8) will have its hands full with Proviso East's Brian Carlwell in the semifinals. The Condors are a guard-oriented team and will have to find a way to deal with the 6-10 center.


  • Congrats to Proviso East for taking St. Joseph out of the playoff. St. Joseph is an overrated basketball program. Coach Pingatore is overated! I do not hear anybody saying they need a new coach at St. Joe. Each year he gets these talented ball players from the Proviso area and what does he do. NOTHING!. Over 30 plus years of coaching with all that talent and one championship.A word to those young men and parents sending there kids to St. Joseph because they supposely have a better basketball program than Proviso West. Send them to West. I hear parents who send there kids, especially those basketball players, to Joe's say they have good academics. That is true. Joe's has a good baseketball program. Ok ok, I buy that, to a certain point. They are discipline over there, hmmmm, I buy that. St. Joe basketball player get attention from college recruiters. ok ok, I buy that. But, what St. Joe does not offer, is realness. Proviso West have it all. It is truely a microcosm of the world. It is not a control environment, like St. Joe. You have knuckleheads goofing off in school, kids not wanting to learn, bright kids, average students, B students, LD student, BD students at West- It definately prepares you for society.West is lacking parental involvement, but we have students who can compete academically with any other kids in the State or the nation. It is a true bell shape. If an athelete is good/great a college recruiter will find him or her regardless on how good the team is. For instance, there is a young man at Proviso East, who played on the football team this year, who got a four year ride to play football at NOTRE DAME!. East is not a powerhouse football program. How many games did they win this year - 2,3. I am a product of the Chicago public School system. I went to college, got my Master degree. I was an average joe. i feel that I have been successful. I know alot of kids I grew up with went to private schools, they are either on drugs or pushing up daisies. East victory over St. Joe, was a victory for public school. Hey, Mr. Johnson, you own me $5.00 I told you that St. Joe was not going downstate. The only way they are going downstate is to watch. Tell Pingatore, to next time, get a bench. He can win all the Christmas tournaments he wants, he will not be making no trip downstate in the foreseeable future.

    By Anonymous Getabenchstjoe, at 11:46 PM, March 10, 2006  

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