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Monday, March 06, 2006

POL, rate your legislator

Rich Miller's question of the day is to articulate the pros and cons of your state senator and state rep.

There are comments about Senator Don Harmon and Reps. Deborah Graham and Calvin Giles.

And your comments about your legislators on Rich's blog or comment on the comments here.


  • Lighford is by far the worst legislator in the state! That she is in charge of the senate committee on Education just shows what a shamble and disaster education is in Illinois!
    I can't believe she is from Maywood and holds such a postion in State Goverment and has never addressed or even taken on the corruption and destruction of the schools in her district,such as 89,88,and 209!
    Lightford has the distinction of being the leader in the Illinois senate for Education and she has the worst school districts in the State!
    Wow,I guess I should vote for her and her disgraceful record!
    Hey Lightford, why don't you address the issues in your district , instead of trying to increase taxes for 209,89 and 88 , because we all know that money is not the problem,instead it is stealing from the politicians(your friends,MOORE and his co-horts) and it is the community who cares more about Basketball , and who is sleeping with who than about giving black children a good eduction!

    By Anonymous the truth hurts, at 5:38 PM, March 09, 2006  

  • Lighford is not from Maywood. She's a Westside transplant. She's not so bad, just a party-girl from the west-side getting her groove on at the state. (parents were real partyers, so she got it honestly) Her one sister Jan is a doll and real nice but the other one has issues and her brotha is a trip. But just westsiders, thats all. She's gotten where she is by being at the right place at the right time. Don't be a hater.

    Education chairman is a stretch though because you are right about her schools. Even on the westside- they closed Austin and how did she help? But, I don't know how they get in those positions in state government. Merit ain't it I'm sure.
    I can't get over her talking about tax increases though. I though people wanted less taxes not more. And if it's for the schools, then I got a problem with that cause I look how they spend the money at Proviso East- giving it to Gene Moore!

    My sister works at East and she says that Gene Moore is up there everyday! Don't he have a job downtown?

    By Anonymous Lexington school chum of Kim's, at 10:09 PM, March 11, 2006  

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