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Sunday, March 05, 2006

MEDIA, Sturino takes shot at the Forest Park Review [FP]

Forest Park Post had Mike Sturino write a column. Sturino used his column to blast... columnists.
A Year in Review
By Michael J. Sturino, Village Administrator

Media. Local press can be an invaluable partner in getting out the news. But of course, their job is to sell newspapers—as the saying goes, “if it bleeds, it leads.” And when controversy erupts after incessant coverage that looks like it’s been ghost-written by a lawyer who want to bleed money out of the Village, the newspaper is shocked, shocked that politicians are discussing such “unimportant” issues. Some political writers think they can also be objective reporters—and that’s just not an honest or ethical position to take. I was praised when first appointed because I am apolitical. I still am. Fact is, I’m so apolitical, I won’t even talk to political columnists (even when they’re masquerading as reporters). But I remain committed to working effectively with media to ensure that the story, and not the spin, gets out.

Earlier in the column Sturino wrote:
Residents. In the Village’s new organization chart that I have prepared, residents are placed above the elected officials, above the Village Administrator, above it all…. I very much enjoy having direct contact with residents….

Form of Government. The Forest Park Review has often lamented the Commission-form of government under which we operate…. Staff cannot usurp authority merely because a disgruntled opinion writer at the Review wants it that way….



  • oh yah. sturino from rosemont is falling right into line here in Forest park just like mayor on-the-take calderone likes it.
    MS: "I'm apolitical"
    W-N-W: "I agree mikey, your
    a-political hack"
    Its the usual B.S. with this guy. Control the press and if you can't do that then it's no comment, act like an arrogant know it all, don't stand up to the corrupt powers that be because your to worried about your future run for political office and with your best on camera smile say "I am always for that which is best for forest park and it's wonderful residents". hey mikey, if residents are at the top of your organizational chart, why do we pay you a salary of $120,000 for you to let that thief calderone get away with his bullsh#t at our expense?
    And by the way you lame a$$, the opinion writers you dismiss as disgruntled are in fact residents of forest park who are sick of calderones corruption. Are you? why don't you get ready to pack your bags just like our former village idiot, err administrator matt "i don't hold even the minimum qualifications for the job other than who i knew" o'shea. Because we all know
    tony-baloney-calderoni owed his coronation as forest parks most crooked mayor to Jim-no one even notices I'm gone-Durkin & Tom-I'm for sale to the highest bidder-Walsh. matty worked for them and since they couldn't get re-elected dog catcher they needed someplace for that goof to park his a$$. lucky us. I hear that pipsqueak o'shea is working his way up from 1st assistant coffee runner to head of photocopying in tom cross's office.
    And the only lawyer bleeding money out of forest park is you with your incompetance. goof.

    By Blogger watching & waiting, at 1:32 AM, March 07, 2006  

  • I live outside the area, but I'd have to say that the claim to a position above politics sounds a little like Attorney General Gonzalez claim that the United States does not torture, although it decides what is and isn't torture.
    Similarly here, the claim seems to be that only those who accept claims without question are allowed to bring a question, but they don't have any questions, so everything's fine....any questions?

    By Blogger PastorNancy, at 8:14 AM, March 07, 2006  

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