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Sunday, January 01, 2006

ANNOUNCE, Maywood vehicle sticker deadline extended [M]

From Gary Woll's newsletter:
I would also make my annual announcement regarding vehicle stickers. The deadline for purchase and DISPLAY has been extended until January 15th, which is a Sunday so one would need to buy it (them) by Friday the 13th. Don’t make that your unlucky day, bring all you auto(s) information with you (if they are all on the preprinted mail out, then that’s all you would need) and remember that you will have to pay any outstanding tickets/fines before you will be issued any stickers.

Actually there's a little more:
There is a new manager and finance director, and they are armed with a new ordinance that will make it easier to issue tickets for cars without stickers. That means the people, who consistently NEVER buy stickers, if they are caught, will have to pay a ticket fine plus a sticker price that goes up every month after the initial due date.


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