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Saturday, November 19, 2005

POL, why is Republican pushing idea Harmon endorsed Topinka? [39th Sen]

Jim Rowe is running as a Republican against Senator Don Harmon. OK, Republicans run for office against Democrats. This makes sense.

But, according to ABC7, Rowe is harping on the claim Harmon endorsed Judy Baar Topinka for governor.

How does this make sense? What kind of voters is Rowe trying to woo with his claims--claims that Harmon denies? Wouldn't Republican voters see it as positive Harmon works closely with Topinka? And any Dems that might be offended that Harmon was too close to the GOP, why would they vote Republican?

One explanation could be that Rowe is trying to help Harmon's opponent in the Dem primary. Why would Rowe help Harmon's Dem opponent?


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