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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

PP, Nyberg, Trottie, Moore & Welch have lunch

Nicole Trottie, the publisher of the West Suburban Journal, and I had lunch together at Marquee on Roosevelt and 25th in Broadview. It was hectic and we were seated in the far corner of the non-smoking section.

About ten minutes later Gene Moore, the Dem Committeeman, arrived. The waitress was about to seat him in the next booth when he begged off and took the booth furthest from Trottie and me and closest to the door.

Trottie commented that Moore always greeted her in that way pols suck-up to pretty women in the media. She thought the difference must of been my presence.

Moore sat for five to ten minutes and then Emanuel Christopher Welch arrived. They sat and talked and then Welch came over to greet us. He expressed condolences for the death of my grandmother and gave me the three-step handshake.

Welch did have a clipboard with a nominating petition. I offered to sign it. He begged off by saying, "I wouldn't want you to get in trouble." I offered again, but he seemed to really not want me to know whom he was passing a petition for.


  • Do you think Moore care anything about Chris Welch? I truely believe that Moore and Bruno and Cogliniese conned Welch into running against Yarbrough, so nobody would run hard against Moore for Committeeman. If Welch loses Moore won't cry, because he will continue having him at 209, there cash cow, and if Welch wins, he will keep him controlled in Springfield. Moore will run for democratic committeeman and win, keeping him a viable player in county poltics.I feel sorry for Welch, because if he loses he will be dead meat politically,just like all those other dead politicians from the past!

    By Anonymous Dan Adams, at 9:11 PM, October 31, 2005  

  • What did Trottie see in Welch? Trottie I know you were raised better than that! Watch out for snakes you might get bit.

    By Blogger daTruthHurts, at 8:18 PM, November 01, 2005  

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