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Proviso Probe

Thursday, October 06, 2005

how do you count abstentions?

I thought it was like voting "present" in the legislature.

But not in Proviso Township.

See Pioneer Press (David Pollard).


  • What is this, "War of the words"? I thought that this blog was supose to be an internet version of the press with communnity imput. Instead I see an individual (who by the way, I did vote for in the last election because he was from my home town of Forest Park) who lost an election but just will not let it go. I read about you getting jobs at local papers because of your relationship with some state rep. and I see you take shots at others for maybe doing the same thing with their friends. Is this news? Pleeese for the good of the blog, forget your loss and move on to true community discussion and unslanted prose.
    Any high school freshman can look on the internet under "ROBERTS RULES" to see the differance between "abstentions" and "present" votes! What is your point? Carl, today was my first visit to this site. haveing read your articals in the local paper from time to time, and I must admit that although I am not very political, I find your blog both disturbing and boreing. I believed your original concept to be very interesting. That's what brought me here today. However, after reviewing your blog page with comments from alot of people who refuse to identify themselves, I can only say "do not expect me back to your internet failure. Sorry, I kind of expected better.........." Next time I will also be more careful of my vote......

    By Blogger Peter Jhonson, forest pk, at 4:14 PM, October 06, 2005  

  • Karen Yarbrough had nothing to do with me getting a column at the Forest Park Review. Whoever told you this was... a Chris Welch.

    "True community discussion"? OK. Suggest a topic.

    Unslanted? Of the top 100 blogs, how many represent themselves as unbaised or without a slant?

    I found a link that suggests the counting of abstentions is not so simple. If it was so simple, why did Proviso Township get it wrong the first time?

    As far as I know my name has never been on the ballot in Forest Park.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 7:07 PM, October 06, 2005  

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