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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

D209 pay: teachers vs. custodians

The Forest Park Review (Seth Stern) has an article titled, "District 209 maintenance hires are political, say critics".

Mostly it's rehashing the usual. The minority says that campaign workers that helped Emanuel Christoper Welch and his slate are getting preference in hirings and promotions. Welch and the administrators deny it.

Here's the comparison between custodians and teachers.

According to the current union contract, which runs from 2005 to 2009, the district’s regular day custodians will make $45,806 this school year, while night custodians will make $46,251. By 2008-09, the last year of the current contract between the school board and the custodians, represented by Service Employees International Union Local No. 73 (SEIU 73), night custodians will be making over $52,000, with their daytime counterparts just behind at $51,525.68....

District 209 would not release a copy of the new [teacher] contract to the Review as all of its terms had not yet been finalized.

The old contract, which expired in 2004, granted teachers with bachelor’s degrees a starting salary of $34,950. Those with master’s degrees started at $38,713, while those with Ph.D.s started at $43,230.


  • teachers at 209 got about a 5% raise this year. the admin. is stalling on signing the contract. never-the-less, beginning teachers make less than a janitor. guess that shows where proviso's priorities are!

    By Anonymous ruthie, at 9:01 AM, October 11, 2005  

  • I admit that I am a retired teacher with a bias for my colleagues. It does seem, but I do not have any knowledge of custodial salaries in other surrounding districts, that once again, over many years, the rotten, patronage concepts of "good" government win out over teaching and education. For 35 years I have, along with many terrific Proviso folk battled the forces that think "good" government is giving government jobs to their cronies, and then expecting them to work on their elections, is what makes "good" government!! Danny Coglianese was just so much more blatent about it. At least I lived long enough to see my neighborhood turn from voting three to one for the patronage slates to three to one for those candidates for school board that are actually far more concerned about the kind of education that goes on in the classroom/district. Chris Welch can talk all he wants to about the magnet school (and I really do wish it well) but the shady financing of Mr. Bruno, the backdoor financing of it, the huge monies to Gene Moore for a NOT needed insurance consultant, the hiring of Henry and Welch relatives with their votes, all bespeaks a politics that is reminiscent of Tammany Hall at its worst. I only hope that I have the opportunity to work with the majority of folks to drive out this kind of politician from our schools.

    By Anonymous Gary Woll, at 11:03 PM, October 11, 2005  

  • Gary W wrote:

    that once again, over many years, the rotten, patronage concepts of "good" government win out over teaching and education.

    EW writes:

    I hate to break it to you GW, but this state of affairs is going on in every district in every state - to one degree or another.

    This is a function of placing Government in charge of education, and nothing will change until we start to fund students - not districts.

    There is no intellectually sound argument against school choice, and the corruption that bothers you so is a function of a protected monopoly.

    Big Education - Just like Big Oil, but with out the competition.


    BTW - we killed the "Emergency Referendum" in Winthrop Harbor. We did it "for the children."

    By Blogger Extreme Wisdom, at 11:51 PM, October 11, 2005  

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