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Proviso Probe

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

it's Election Day

I voted in Proviso 74 this morning. The judges were having trouble getting the touch screen machines to work, so everyone was voting on paper. Proviso 73 wasn't allowing people to vote at 6:30 because the judges were unable to open the metal box with the voting materials.

I was foggy enough at 6:30 that I almost voted for Howard Brookins when I meant to vote for Tommy Brewer. See Carl Nyberg (Prairie State Blue) for my reasoning.

There was only one yard sign at the poll. It belonged to the David Latham for judge campaign and was probably too close to the entrance of the polling place.

On the way out one guy had arrived to pass literature. He was passing for Jim Capparelli.

If you want some help figuring the best qualified judges try VoteForJudges.org.

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