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Proviso Probe

Monday, August 20, 2007

Eugene Moore holds what looks like political picnic at Proviso East

Saturday, August 18, I briefly visited the Eugene "Gene" Moore, Recorder of Deeds Annual Outreach event. Proviso Insider referred to the event as "Back To School Picnic" hosted by board members. But it seemed only board members aligned with Eugene Moore were participating.

Was this event approved by the board of education? I don't remember it being approved at any of the recent board meetings? Did Stan Fields approve the event? Robert Libka? Someone else?

There were activities for children. If any participants were injured, whose insurance policy would the claim be applied against?

And to get back to the purpose of the event, I didn't see the words "back to school" anywhere. However the event was staffed by people wearing two types of t-shirts. One merely said Eugene Moore, Recorder of Deeds. But about half the staff wore t-shirts saying, "I support Eugene "Gene" Moore, Recorder of Deeds."

It sure looked like a political event on school property, subsidized directly and indirectly by the District 209 taxpayers.

Will State's Attorney Dick Devine now enforce the law?

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