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Thursday, May 10, 2007

IRAQ, is it time to get out of Iraq?

President Bush has vetoed supplemental funding bill of the Iraq occupation because it contained a time line for withdrawing from Iraq. The time line was not mandatory. Bush has further threatened to veto a bill without a time line, but with benchmarks.

The most ardent critics of Bush's Iraq policy point to Bush's behavior that negotiations with the President are a sham. He intends to veto each bill until he gets the money he wants with no strings attached.

Remember, Bush could have fully funded the occupation through the normal legislative process when the Republicans controlled Congress. However, he waited to do an "emergency" supplemental bill.

And remember also, that Bush increased the number of troops in Iraq without putting the issue before Congress because he realized he would lose the vote.

So Bush has been gaming Congress for awhile.

Now the most ardent opponents of continuing the occupation of Iraq have won a concession from Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Tonight the House will vote on a bill to withdraw all troops from Iraq. See Daily Kos (Kagro X) or Talking Points Memo (Greg Sargent).

You are invited to call your representative to give your opinion.

[UPDATE: Lipinski voted against McGovern's bill to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq. Gutierrez, Emanuel & Davis voted for withdrawal. See the roll call. The rest of the Illinois delegation voted along party lines (Democrats for withdrawal, Republicans against) with the exception of Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL08), who voted against withdrawal.]

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