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Saturday, October 15, 2005

KLEPT patronage hiring [D209]

A number of people have observed that much of the opposition to the Welch-led majority doesn’t seem opposed to hiring and promoting candidates based factors other than merit (residence, political loyalty, seniority, etc.). The opposition’s beef with Welch’s faction is that the “wrong” people are being hired and promoted.

* To what extent is the current D209 conflict merely an argument over which faction will be able to award the patronage?

* To what extent is the fight an ethnic conflict between one faction that is doing better by the Italians and another faction that would like more to go to the Blacks?

And here’s the Nyberg compromise:

Hire educators and senior administrators based on merit. The rest of the support hires and promotions could be divided between the majority and opposition in the ratio of four to three.


  • There are many surrounding communities where "even" the support staff are NOT political hires. I know many, but certainly not All the key opposition to the Moore/Welch gang and they, for the most part want nothing to do with who gets hired to administrative, teaching, custodial, secretarial, or school "dog catcher." Why is that so hard to understand. The Welch/Moore's of the world, think the taxpayer's monies are theirs to distribute as they see fit to cronies who may or may not know how to administer, teach, clean, type or catch dogs. We all lose, but mostly our kids. If only they realized that you can get elected, and reelected without ever getting someone a job or a contract. And when we so-called "good govs" as one former state rep used to derisevly call us, do lose, it's because of issues about how we governed which is how it should be. This too is not idealistic but a better but still realistic way of governing our schools, villages, and, yes, our lives.

    By Anonymous Gary Woll, at 11:01 PM, October 15, 2005  

  • This is a black on black fight! Italians don't even work or live in Proviso! Hey Carl, tell Arnie Bryant to stop creating monsters of the white man and focus on black on black violence , corruption, and laziness!Blacks have controlled Maywood for years and it's a total disaster, Bellwood is falling at the seems, thank God for that Mayor, 209 was destroyed by the black students and polticians, just like district 88 and 89!I think Carl and Gary Woll and Sloan and Cross are the only whites living in the Proviso ghetto!

    By Anonymous Angry Black Man, at 8:03 PM, October 16, 2005  

  • angry black man, you need to get out more. There is much diversity in the township at large, but you're right that it is the black on black stuff that is clouding the issues.

    Your anger at it further muddies the waters. Those at the trough could care less that you or I are angry.
    They're riding the gravy train. They use patronage and the Rev. congregations to perpetuate the feeding.

    maybe Carl should post the census demographics for Proviso Twp.

    By Anonymous watcher, at 7:33 AM, October 17, 2005  

  • Carl I agree with you on hiring administrators and teachers on Merit! But if you allow those polticians to hire all the other jobs, you create what Proviso 209 is, a disaster!!!All the board members are puppets of someon or something! Only two current board members are qualified and they are on opposite sides,Flowers and Welch!The rest of the board is made up of fluke's who think they have a clue!What needs to be done is for a state takeover of the district!Taht way when Welch and Bruno dismantle the custodian jobs and outsource it, they won't be able to make any more money! Mr. Welch, Bruno and Moore are planning to outsource the custodians to save money for district and they will obtain a cut of the contract! It's true, they are out to make as much as they can, before they all get caught!

    By Anonymous Billy the custodian at Proviso, at 7:36 PM, October 17, 2005  

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