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Thursday, February 15, 2007

KLEPT, Mario Dal Cerro pleads guilty, agrees to help feds [MP]

Mario Dal Cerro, a former streets and sanitation employee in Melrose Park, plead guilty in federal court Monday. See Chicago Tribune:
Dal Cerro admitted he urged a restaurant owner to lie about payments made for security services from the business owned by someone who was a village official at the time.

Dal Cerro promised to cooperate in the fed's ongoing investigation of the village, the police department and former police chief Vito Scavo's security business.

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  • Melrose Park village employee cooperating with the FEDS- a nightmare for Serpico. This must be the reason Serpico is working so hard to remove his opposition (MELROSE PARK FREEDOM PARTY) FROM THE BALLOT. Serpico is afraid his trustees will lose in April and all the Village books will be open to the public. Serpico has good reason to be AFRAID!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:23 PM, February 16, 2007  

  • Hey, Melrose Freedom Party stands for Stone Park Hillbillies,Martinez and Mazzulla trying to make money in Melrose Park because they stole all the money out of Stone Park!!!
    It's time somebody told those heroin addicts, the Mazzulla brothers, Capece,Martinez and Burdi to scratch and finally once and for all expose them for what they are!!!!!
    You'll soon find out about Freedom, when the Feds open up the books in Stone Park.Stone Park is 99% latino and ,but from the Mayor to the empoyees who make all the money are Italian??? What BS will Martinez say to "his " people why in the hell is he not running for Mayor or organizing a ticket in Stone Park to" empower his people"????????????
    Martinez is a rat and the more you look at as picture of a rat, the more the picture looks like a portrait of Martinez and Mazzulla!

    By Anonymous Jesse and Benny are Rat finks!, at 10:20 PM, February 17, 2007  

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